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Zone Creation

Get In The Zone

Multiple years of historical data has shown that accurate management zones are essential for managing fields to their highest profit potential. Nearly every field has natural soil variability, which results in natural variability in profits. Matching inputs to meet the productivity of each zone is key for optimizing profitability across the field. Our proprietary zone creation system combines either high resolution aerial imagery or electro-conductivity (EC) data with elevation data to create precise zones for variable rating inputs accurately.

Soil Fertility Assessment

Digging In

Understanding and measuring a field's soil fertility is necessary to ensure that the proper amount of nutrients are getting applied to match the profit potential of each zone, while at the same time protecting the environment. Each zone is sampled with a Wintex1000 automatic soil probe for highly accurate depth and consistency. An in depth lab analysis is run for each zone, which drives the yield potential for the zone.

Plan & Prepare

Putting It Together

Variable rate application of inputs results in a variable application of costs. ProfitLink allows users to look into the profitability of each zone, and adjust inputs accordingly to maintain the highest ROI possible. On average, 30% of the acres within most fields are not profitable. Developing a crop plan to address the profitable acres, as well as the non-profitable acres, is the foundation for positioning fields to a higher ROI. All inputs, including seed, fertilizer, and lime, can be variable rated to match the needs of each zone.


Analytics In Motion

Put the plan into action. All scripts can be exported to any monitor or controller on the market, and in return as-applied data can be converted back to crop records for tracking inputs and costs.


How It's Growing

Monitor, record, and investigate the crop throughout the growing season with a qualified consultant. This may include in-season imagery for NDVI based scouting, tissue and nitrate testing, and assessment of current practices.



ProfitLink is an industry leading data analysis software designed to analyze multiple layers of information that is both collected and applied with today’s technologies. Discover how to manage the varying profitability within fields to achieve the best ROI possible.

Community Data

Synergy Of Data

ProfitLink Community Data allows growers to benchmark their profitability against their peers, compare hybrids and varieties, on farm trials, and much more. All while staying anonymous.

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